Monday, November 12, 2012

The Burger Cook Off

      The Centennial Burger Cook Off began Oct. 15 at KU Dining's Crimson Cafe at the Burge Union.  At the beginning of each week, a new burger is featured at The Carvery Station. When finals week comes to an end, there will be a Burger Cook Off Winner!  Where do these recipes come from you ask? These recipes come from nine of Crimson Cafe's fulltime cooks.  So far, four burgers have been featured: The Mediterranean Burger, That's Nacho Burger, The Elvis and The Wyatt Earp.

      The Mediterranean Burger is an all beef patty blended with fresh herbs and ricotta cheese, grilled fresh and topped with provolone cheese, baby spinach, kalamata olives and a zingy citron pepper sauce served on flat-bread.

      That's Nacho Burger is an all beef patty resting on a deep fried corn tortilla and pepperjack cheese, topped with Nacho Cheese and fresh Pico di Gallo and toasted in a white flour tortilla shell.

The Elvis is an all beef patty topped with a generous helping of crispy bacon and served on a fresh baked French bread bun with peanut butter aoli.

      The Wyatt Earp is a grilled patty of ground beef and smoked sausage topped with jalapeno pepper bacon, leaf lettuce, spicy BBQ sauce and onion rings on a freshly toasted onion bun.

      There are more five more burgers to be featured so get to the Crimson Cafe and try them for yourself! Let us know what you think!

      Check out our Facebook page for more pictures of these delicious creations.

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