Thursday, January 22, 2015

Healthier Eating to Control Weight


Weight control tops many New Year’s resolutions

For optimal weight control consider these nutrition tips …
  • Consume nutrient-dense, lower calorie foods.
  • Aim for your daily total caloric intake to resemble:
    • Proteins (15-20%); Carbohydrates (50-60%); Fats (25-30% with no more than 7-10% saturated fat calories)
  • Include healthier dietary components daily/weekly …
    • 25-35 gm daily fiber in carbohydrate foods [whole-grain breads/cereals, fresh fruits/vegetables, legumes (dry beans, peas), nuts/seeds]
    • omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids [best sources: wild salmon, canola oil, walnuts/lesser sources: cod, leafy greens (kale, collard greens, Swiss chard) flaxseeds and/or flaxseed oil]
    • Select yogurts with cultured milk or plain with no-sugar added
    • Control added sodium (salt) intake; no more than 1,500 mg
    • Limit sugar intake: women 100 calories or 6 tsp. per day; men 150 calories or 9 tsp. or less per day
  • Check for additional healthy eating tips and use our NetNutrition program at
  • If dieting with decreased carbohydrates and higher percentage of fat and proteins, do consult your doctor or dietitian first, following his or her recommendations.
  • Learn how to calculate your calorie needs!
  • Remember to exercise to maintain a healthy weight.
Use these resources for improving daily dietary strategies!