Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Egg Shortage

To Our Valued Guests,
As you have heard/read, this spring a bird flu virus eliminated millions of chickens on numerous commercial farms. Since the avian flu virus started to show up in the Midwest, egg prices have been climbing both here and across the country! This of course has a domino effect on all types and varieties of eggs & egg products used in many recipes at all of our KU Dining Services locations.
The reality being, this recent shortage will continue to affect all of us for another 18+ months, as per our sources close to the egg producing distributors. Our procurement staff and chefs are continually researching various options in order to maintain our standards of service, despite these shortages.
KU Dining Services will continue to monitor the situation closely; however, we want you to know, you may experience the day to day impact this on-going egg shortage will have on our menu offerings.
We ask for your cooperation and understanding as we work through this latest hit to the food service industry.

Thank You.
KU Dining Services