Monday, October 29, 2012

The Hot Dog Man

      Ron Wroczynski, or as many KU students like to call him, The Hot Dog Man, parked himself on Wescoe Beach Friday to serve the community hotdogs and hot chocolate during the 100th year KU Homecoming Parade.  Starting as a once a month feature eight years ago, students can now expect to see Ron twice a week serving anything from biscuits and gravy to his beloved hot dogs.  

       Friday, Ron brought two new friends with him to help serve the community, Ketchup, Nona Golledge, KU Dining Director and Mustard, Sheryl Kidwell, Assistant KU Dining Director!  These two women helped sell around 150 hot dogs and eight gallons of hot chocolate in the two and a half hours they were there.  

   After viewing the parade Ron said, "I was amazed at the way the floats looked.  It showed that the students really put time into them."  He also gave us insight as to what it means for him to personally get to serve the students on Wescoe.  He told us that since he didn't have the opportunity to go to college, he finds that he really enjoys being around students and through them, he gets a feeling of what college life is like.  Ron also enjoys being a part of KUDining, serving the community and showing that with a lot of hard work, you can be successful.

     You can find The Hot Dog Man one more time before the Spring semester this Sunday at the SUA Carnival.  Don't miss it! 

     If you missed this event, check out KUDining's Facebook page for more photos!

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