Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner: Peruvian Cole Slaw

      Janna Traver, Executive Chef of KU Dining Services, has provided a couple of recipes to spice up your holiday meals.  Traver said, "this Peruvian cole slaw, typically served at summer cook outs, has become a staple at Thanksgiving when it was discovered that tossed salads were becoming a thing of the past."  While growing up in Peru, her cook in Lima served this salad as an alternative to tossed garden salads.  "I have never seen this salad served outside of my family home during my travels around Peru", Traver said. "However the flavors are indicative of home style Peruvian cuisine. It also is a great topping for turkey sandwiches the next day." 

      Below, you can find the recipe for this versatile Thanksgiving salad:

                  1lb.         cabbage, angle shred or thinly shredded by hand

                  1C          small dice red bell peppers
                  1C          small dice yellow bell peppers
                  1C          small dice green bell peppers
                  ¼-½C     minced jalapenos
                  ¼C         chopped cilantro
                  ¼C         fresh lemon juice
                  ¼C         fresh lime juice
                  ½C         canola or other light salad oil, not olive oil
                  ¼C         sugar
                  2tsp        kosher salt

                  Place lemon and lime juice in a medium bowl, add salt and sugar.  Whisk in oil. Add                  peppers, jalapenos and cilantro. Chill mixture for 1-4 hours. At service, toss dressing with                  cabbage.
                 The cabbage will wilt if held overnight but becomes a nice relish for turkey sandwiches or          gilled bratwurst.

      Stay tuned for more KU Dining holiday recipes through the rest of the semester!  Try them out, snap a picture, tag KU Dining Services on Facebook and let us know what you think!

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