Monday, November 12, 2012

Celiac Disease Education Week



      This week begins Celiac Disease Education Week at The Market in the Kansas Union and at Crimson Cafe in the Burge Union.  Each station at The Market (with the exception of Pizza Hut) is offering gluten free options to guests.  Keith Lake, manager of The Market, says describes this week as, "A week informing the KU community of Celiac Awareness, what it is and how to eat gluten free." "We are bringing up what our options are and where they are at."  Take a look at the eight gluten free options available at The Market:

  • Boulevard Grill:
    • Gluten free hamburger and hot dog buns

  • Quesarito:
    • Rice bowls, loaded nachos, hard-shell tacos, white corn chips and chile con queso.  Rice tortillas available upon request.

  • Market Fresh:
    • Cookies and brownies, Larabars, Kind Bars, Mc D's soups, Annie Chun meals, Brother's all natural fruit crisps, Pop Chips and Good Food Chips.

  • Brellas:
    • Gluten Free bread and rice tortillas available upon request.

  • Garden Gourmet: 
    • Most items are gluten free and you can also ask for gluten free bread for your panini.

  • Fresco! Cuisine:
    • Ask for gluten free options on the daily menu.

  • Pulse
    • Freshens smoothies are gluten free.

  • Sushi with Gusto
    • Ask the sushi chef for a custom gluten free sushi.


      Crimson Cafe will be featuring a special gluten free menu on Wednesday at The Carvery and The Market will feature Gluten friendly items on their Thanksgiving meal menu this week.  So come check it out this week and if you have any questions, ask! KU Dining Staff will be more than willing to help!

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