Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fiber Nutrition



Fiber, the consumed bulky roughage indigestable plant food in a normal diet, has many health benefits. The best sources are whole grains, fruits, legumes and vegetables.

Americans consume 14-15 grams per day compared to the recommended guidelines:

  • 25 grams for women
  • 38 grams for men

Good Source

10% daily fiber RDA value : 2.5 – 4.99 grams per serving

Excellent Source

20% daily fiber RDA value : 5 grams per serving


Health benefits include:
  • GI health, immune function
  • Constipation relief
  • Lower colon cancer risk
  • Weight regulation
Wheat bran, bran cereals, corn bran, whole wheat, fruits, vegetables


Health benefits include:
  • Lower diabetes risk
  • Lower coronary heart disease risk
Apples, barley, legumes, oat bran, pears, psylium

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