Friday, August 23, 2013

Exciting New Year!

Welcome to KU Dining Services!  It will be an exciting year for us and you too. There is a plethora of changes that you should check out.  “LIKE” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop of new exciting changes.  Here is a snapshot on some of the awesome changes and special events.
FUN UPCOMING EVENTS- mark your calendars!

RESIDENCE HALL DINING PLANS begin with dinner on August 23rd. Oliver Dining, North College Café, Mrs. E’s Dining Center and the Studio all open. Mrs. E’s Dining Center will blow you away with newly renovated serving stations and dining space. It will feature 11 different food concepts offering a wide variety of cuisines in a contemporary, warm and inviting ambience.  The dining experience will be breathtaking!

ROCK CHALK BLOCK PARTY is August 23rd at the Memorial Union from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.  Come have a of trend setting food items and tell us what you like at The Market on the 3rd floor.
The Hot Dog man and Café Spice will be do their magic up on the Memorial Union Plaza— come visit with them!

KU CUISINE CASH and BEAK EM BUCKS can be used in many of the dining locations beginning Monday August 26th, the first day of classes.  Did you know that you get 5% discount on Fridays when you use your KU Card?

Late night and still hungry?
 DOMINOES AND GLORY DAYS are set up for  pizza deliveries to McCollum, Ellsworth, Hashinger, Lewis, Templin, Oliver, GSP and Corbin residence halls  after  5 p.m. KU CUISINE CASH can be used for these transactions. Just take your KU ID downstairs to swipe the card.  For your convenience, KU CUISINE CASH also covers you for late night snacks at The Studio Cafe in Hashinger Hall, the Ozone in Oliver Hall and at Oread Express in North College Café.  All great places to catch up with friends.

THE MARKET’S EXTRAVAGANZA WEEK will be held Sept 3rd through Sept 6th.  On the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union you’ll find vibrant new Latin flavors at Serrano’s!  World Kitchen will tantalize your taste buds with inspiring new flavors. While there,  sign up for some prize giveaways this week and sample some new menu  items.

BACK TO BURGE is Sept 4th between 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.—yep that’s right, it will be at the Burge Union. It will be featuring inspiring new flavors at the Pulse.  Sign up for some prize giveaways this day and check out the new Tempo line at the Pulse.

RETRO GAMING NIGHT will be held during dinner on September 18th in Oliver Dining, North College Café and Mrs. E’s Dining Center.  We hope you enjoy the excitement and fun that surrounds this event.

ALL HALLOW’S EVE FOOD FESTIVAL will be held on October 30th at Oliver Dining Center.  Our vendors support bold new flavors and tastes and prize giveaways this evening during dinner time. It’s a great opportunity to let dining vendors know what you like and don’t like!

THE TRADITIONAL THANKSGIVING meal will overwhelm the taste buds with savory, comforting flavors.  It is planned for dinner at Oliver Dining, North College Café and Mrs. E’s Dining Center locations on November 20th.  This event is a perennial favorite that everyone loves as we wind down for the Thanksgiving recess.

STOP DAY BRUNCH will be held on December 13th.  Oliver Dining, North College Café and Mrs. E’s Dining Center will provide a relaxing atmosphere and succulent prime rib as the semester comes to an end.

NEW FLAVORS AND FAVES  are featured this year!
Try out the new handcrafted Hoagies at Brellas in The Market, The Underground, Crimson Café and Ozone locations. The hoagies feature Kansas City’s Farm to Market Hoagie bun!
Yes, the Crunchy Chicken Cheddar Wrap, also available at Brellas—well , it is here to stay!

THE NEW TEMPO LINE available at Pulse locations across campus will provide for some healthy, natural menu options, some vegan, some gluten free, others just good eats!  Café Spice will be feature Indian, all natural foods with South Asian flair at The Underground I in Wescoe Hall. Experience a feast for the eyes as well as the soul.

*The $1.99 Fridge pack of Coke at The Market, The Underground, The Studio, North College Café and Ozone.  Did you know you can use your KU Cuisine cash for this purchase?  Sale starts August 23. 
*Were you one of students who went through New Student Orientation this summer and got to vote on the design for the ever popular “Hill Yes” T- shirt? Check out the winning design on the T-shirt when classes start and get the T-shirt free when you purchase three 20-oz. Coke products.  The T-shirts will be available in all the retail dining locations (The Market, The Underground, Crimson Café, The Studio, and Mortar and Pestle).

KU CUISINE FACULTY/STAFF DINING PLAN.  Eat anywhere on campus and save at least 10% on your meal every time you dine! Sign up on our website using your MasterCard, Visa or American Express: or contact Karen Cross sign up using cash or check:; 785.864.7274

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