Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mrs. E's New Entrance

Mrs. E’s has big plans starting with the entrance. KU Dining Services has planned the new entrance in three phases. Phase one is some new structure concrete and doors; phase two is an awning and phase three is landscaping.  Phase one is scheduled to be finished over winter break. The awning and landscaping is set for completion over Spring Break 2013.

KU Dining Services strives to provide the best facility possible to the KU Community.
Parts of the entrance were requiring repeated repair. This renovation addresses these concerns of management and will improve drainage and ventilation to handle moisture more effectively in the area.

When asked what made KU Dining Services want to renovate the entrance the answer was simple, it made sense to upgrade. With plans to renovate the interior of Mrs. E’s this summer, it seemed viable to renovate the entrance area prior to interior renovation. The new entrance will be visually noticeable for students, faculty and staff entering Mrs. E’s. It will provide shelter for those who wish to wait for the bus indoors or under an awning. Mark Maranell, Manager of Mrs. E’s, described how he feels about the renovations, “I’m excited, I can hardly wait.”


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